Radiation Facilities Overview

The University of Maryland Radiation Facilities combines the Maryland University Training Reactor (MUTR), a dry cell gamma vault irradiator, and a 10 MeV electron linear accelerator.  These facilities are housed in the Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Building on the College Park Campus.

The MUTR is a very early model 250 kW General Atomics low enrichment uranium TRIGA reactor that was installed in 1970 as an upgrade from a 10 kW HEU Materials Testing Reactor previously installed in 1960.  The UMD NRC license is #70 (Docket R-70).  It is a major facility that supports teaching, research, and service for UMD as well as many collaborators including many national laboratories and other prestigious institutions.

The Dry Cell Gamma Irradiator allows for the irradiation of a wide variety of sample sizes with dose rates that range from just a few krad/hr to over one Mrad/hr.

The Linear Accelerator (LINAC) is a modified Varian Clinac-6 (V7715) with a variable electron beam energy from 2 to 10 MeV, which provides 1 kW of beam power through moderating the beam current.

High quality images of our facilities and other unique images can be found in our photo gallery.

Using Our Facilities

Please contact the Director, Prof Timothy Koeth if you are interested in using our facilities for research or commercial applications.