Varian Clinac-6 Linear Accelerator

Our electron linear accelerators (LINACs) is a modified Varian Clinac-6 (V7715) whose electron beam energy is variable from 2 to 10 MeV, which provides 1 kW of beam power through moderating the beam current.

The LINAC can produce a beam of electrons of energies up to 9 MeV in individual pulses, with a repetition rate of up to 300 pulses per second. The pulse width is fixed at three microseconds. Pulsed beam currents of hundreds of milliamperes can be focused on an area of less than a square centimeter. The target area for the accelerator is a two-part vault system as illustrated below. The first area of the vault houses the accelerator and associated electronics. The second value is the target area which accepts the beam transport tube from the accelerator vault and after passing through a second set of focus and steering coils the beam exits a thin metal output window.

Clinic-6 System Specifications

Beam Energy 2-9 MeV
Nominal Beam Power 1 kW
Beam Orientation Horizontal
Pulse Width 3 µs
Pulse Repetition Rate 1-300 pps

Clinic-6 Peak Current and Associated Energy Values

Energy (MeV) 1.0(1.1) 2.0 3.0 4.0 6.0 8.0 9.5
Peak Current (mA) 0° 360 440 460 430 280 110 3.0