Linear Accelerator

The Facilities’ Electron Linear Accelerator (Linac) is a modified Varian Clinac-6 (V7715) with a variable electron beam energy and current. The Linac can produce a beam of electrons of energies up to 9 MeV in individual pulses, with a repetition rate of up to 300 pulses per second. The pulse width is fixed at three microseconds. Pulsed beam currents of hundreds of milliamperes can be focused on an area of less than a square centimeter. Beam powers of approximately 500W are attainable, and the accelerator can be used to produce very high X-ray dose rates through the use of a tungsten converter.

The beam passes through a thin window to the open air within a large shielded room where irradiations can be performed. The accelerator has been used for testing electronics for space applications, experimental polymerizations, and many other experiments.