Use & Partnership

From space exploration to radiation oncology and everything in-between, radiation sciences will continue to play a key role in the future advancement of the nation. As such, we feel it is our national duty to create interest in and train students in the use of our reactor and other radiation facilities to support these sciences into tomorrow. In the fall of 2014, we started expanding our educational outreach by starting a reactor training program for undergraduate and graduate students (see our Operator Training Program).

The University of Maryland Radiation Facilities have been continually utilized for outstanding reasearch in a number of different scientific fields in conjunction with expanding and developing the facilities to meet the research needs of the future (see our Research page). Additionally, the facilities have performed irradiations for commercial and federal agencies.

For information on any of our collaborations or for how to get involved, please contact Dr. Koeth.

Tour Information

Please see our tour page for more information on how to set up a tour of the facilities.