† - denotes licensed reactor operator
‡ - denotes licensed senior reactor operator

Graduate Students

Orion Wenrich - Materials Science and Engineering

Travis Dietz - Materials Science and Engineering
"As a firm believer in the role nuclear energy and science has to play in humanity's future, I have a passion for increasing public understanding and appreciation for this often misrepresented field. Assisting the MUTR facilities with tours and operations has allowed me to engage in this passion with visitors from a wide array of backgrounds and has exposed me to an even greater amount of science and research associated with radation and nuclear energy than I would have ever achieved outside of the facilities. Combined with the dedicated community of staff and students, working with the facilities has been a privilege."

Undergraduate Students

Victoria Martz† - Physics, Class of 2016
"In once sense I came for the science and stayed for the facility. While intially part of the requalification program, I also found the research to be rigorous, fast paced, and extremely satisfying. MUTR's facilities are always expanding and creating new opportunities for researchers and facility workers so there is always work to be done, and everyday is different because of the way work is conducted at MUTR. Everyone participates in every aspect of work at the radiation facilities from aiding in research, cleaning and maintaining the facility, helping out with tours, training new operators, you name it we've all done it to some degree. I really like this aspect of the work environment because it makes you feel more integrated into the facility and honestly you begin to care more about it and the quality of your work."

Justin HudsonPhysics, Class of 2016