The Maryland University Training Reactor (MUTR) is a 250 kW conversion TRIGA reactor. 

The reactor has an open pool reactor with a maximum power of 250 kW. The fuel is TRIGA-type stainless-steel-clad cylindrical fuel elements with Uranium-Zirconium Hydride (UZrH) fuel-moderator. This fuel type has excellent safety characteristics and is widely used in dozens of reactors around the world.


The reactor has five experimental ports:

  • The graphite filled thermal column provides an ex-core beam of thermal neutrons for experiments.
  • Large samples, up to approximately 5-⅜” in diameter, can be placed adjacent to the core in either the beam tubes (two) or the through tube. The beam and through tubes can also provide ex-core gamma and neutron beams.
  • In-core irradiations of small samples (max. size of approx. ¾” diameter by 2” length) can be performed using the pneumatic transfer system (Rabbit). Thermal neutron fluxes as high as 2.6×10^12 n/cm^2/sec.
  • Irradiation of samples in the pool near the core is also possible.